2022 Trail Construction

Sixteen miles of trail were completed in 2021 as planned.

Four segments of trail are planned for the 2022 construction season:

  • Two miles from the Darwin Meyers Wildlife Management Area along CR 21 into Embarrass.
  • Three miles from Wolf Creek (near Eagles Nest) to Hwy 169 (on the way to Ely).
  • Three miles from CR 88 to Ely.
  • The Trail between Tower and Soudan will be completely re-constructed, watch for announcements of trail closures.

By the end of 2022, the Mesabi Trail will be short just 2 connections, one from McKinley to Biwabik and one from Benson Road (north of Embarrass) into Tower.


Funding Source

The Mesabi Trail™ has been funded in part by the LCCMR and the Minnesota Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund.