Construction now and Future

TRAIL CLOSED IN TOWER: The reconstruction of the Tower to Soudan Mesabi Trail section is beginning now and the trail is closed for the duration of construction.  The work taking place prior to this notice was not trail work but an upgrade of the sewer system running through the corridor. The Mesabi Trail can be accessed by following the Hoodoo Point and McKinley Park trails to the north of Tower, or in Soudan at Main Street and McKinley Park Road.  We know this is an inconvenience, but the rebuilt trail will be worth it when the work is done. Thank you for your patience!


Upcoming Mesabi Trail projects:

We have been receiving quite a bit of feedback from trail users this summer, which is greatly appreciated, and want to take this opportunity to give updates on upcoming projects that will take place over the next couple of summers.

  1. The number one comment we have received this year is the difficulty of wayfinding through towns. This is definitely a problem. The Regional Railroad Authority will be addressing this during the summer of 2024 with refreshed pavement markings and signage in the communities connected by the trail.
  2. Several reconstruction projects will be coming in the next few years including a segment from Buhl to Hwy 25, a segment from Hwy 169/Hwy 1 to the kiosk in Ely, and the segment between Eveleth and Gilbert.
  3. The two remaining “holes” in the trail, from McKinley to Biwabik, and from CR 26 to Tower, will begin in spring 2024. The hope had been to start both of these projects this year, and while we may be able to start them this fall, there won’t be much time before winter shuts us down. We are all looking forward to these sections being completed! One other item to mention: the trail heading toward Tower will be ending at the West Two River, approximately 2 miles short of connection in Tower. That project will be the final section, which is currently in the planning phase.2023 Mesabi Trail Map
Funding Source

The Mesabi Trail™ has been funded in part by the LCCMR and the Minnesota Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund.