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Trail Conditions/Closures/Maintenance 2024

Spring has sprung again!!  Snow, warm weather, snow, warm weather and soon. With that being said, we have some construction with closure from Grace Road in Hibbing towards Redhead. They are fixing a few issues of the trail, making a tie in for ATV, and once road restrictions are lifted, it will be done soon….

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2024 Mesabi Trail Map ARRIVED!

Our new map with designs have launched!!  Please go under the map tab and click on map request, we will send you a great map with all the amenities attached to it! Support the Mesabi Trail and plan your adventure 162 miles of scenic trail!

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Trail, event and 2024 Tour Update!!

The winter season is upon us, so with that being said, limited trail maintenance will be done during the few months. Please ride with care and be cautious. Wheel Passes are still required if using Fat Tire bike or any wheel of kind on the trail. These funds helps us with trail maintenance and awareness….

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Funding Source

The Mesabi Trail™ has been funded in part by the LCCMR and the Minnesota Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund.