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7-9-24 Trail Condition Update

Mesabi Trail Conditions 7-9-2024   Near Hwy 97 to Sparta, the sinkholes have been temporarily patched with gravel, so the section is passable for trail users. Please use caution and slow down when crossing the patched areas.   Near Sherwood Forest Campground in Gilbert, the trail is passable. Be aware that the city has placed…

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June 25 Storm Damage Update

Storm Damage updates as of June 25, 2024: The Mesabi Trail has several areas of damage from the storm event on June 18, 2024, in addition to the major washout in Giant’s Ridge west of Wynne and Sabin Lakes.   Giant’s Ridge: East of the Narrow’s Bridge, flooding occurred and sinkholes are appearing. Many of…

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Storm Damage Update 6/20/24

Mesabi Trail Conditions June 20, 2024   There have been many inquiries about the condition of the trail from folks planning trips up this way in the next few weeks. The trail is currently approximately 90% open for use. Grand Rapids to McKinley is all in good shape aside from some small areas of standing…

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Storm Damage 6/19/24

Biwabik to Giants closed indefinitely. Three sections washed away. It would be a total build.   Darwin Myers at Palo Tia Rd completely under water, entire trail. Not sure how fast it will recede. Kelly Lake few sections under water, but I am sure they will dry out faster there. Lake Mine Road is flooded,…

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Construction by Buhl

Construction UPDATE! East of Buhl, trail is on Whiteside Road, they have milled .3 miles. It is rough gravel and wont be fixed till they can fix Buhl to Kinney route. It is passable, but please proceed with caution. Signs are going out today. Thank you for your patience.

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Trail by Sparta (Hwy 97)

There has been a partial collapse of the trail between two culverts on the trail just West of Sparta crossing by hwy 97. It is marked and please go around the collapse. We will update when fixed.

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Trail Conditions/Closures/Maintenance 2024

Spring has sprung again!!  Snow, warm weather, snow, warm weather and soon. With that being said, we have some construction with closure from Grace Road in Hibbing towards Redhead. They are fixing a few issues of the trail, making a tie in for ATV, and once road restrictions are lifted, it will be done soon….

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The Mesabi Trail™ has been funded in part by the LCCMR and the Minnesota Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund.